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Shesh Besh by Yossi Arnheim, Yair Dalal, Amir Massarik, Chen Zimbalista

October 20, 2008

SheshBesh is a new extraordinary ensemble from Israel, a country where the tradition of western classical music at its highest level meets oriental music in its various forms. Composed and arranged by Israeli composers with both ethnic and classical backgrounds, SheshBesh’s tunes are based on folk melodies from Tadzhikistan, Morocco, Uzbekistan, Andalusia, Iraq, and other origins. With immigrants from all over the world living in Israel, this country is the natural meeting point for all these kinds of music, and thus the perfect place for SheshBesh to start from.

All of the musicians in the quartet are well known in their homeland Israel and abroad. The principal flutist of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, Yossi Arnheim worked with famous conductors like Leonard Bernstein, Zubin Mehta, James Levine, and Kurt Masur. He is also a very active performer of chamber music and teaches at the Rubin Music Academy in Tel Aviv. Oud player Yair Dalal is one of the latest representatives of Arab-Jewish music from Iraq. Also active in European classical music, jazz, rock, and blues, he developed a rare mix of traditional and modern, Jewish and Arab, oriental and western, and realised several projects with Palestinian musicians in Israel. Originally a rock and blues guitarist, Amir Mussarik plays the bass for several ethnic groups and classical orchestras in Israel. Currently he is the director of the “Yuval” Musical Association. The star of percussion playing in Israel, Chen Zimbalista, has performed as a soloist with symphony orchestras such as the Israel Philharmonic and the Tel Aviv Symphony. With SheshBesh he plays marimba, ethnic instruments, and various bells and gongs.

SheshBesh’s music invites the listener to a journey through mid-eastern and oriental areas offering ethnic authenticity on a classical level. SheshBesh is also a sign of the willingness of artists in Israel to accept and appreciate the surrounding Arabic cultures.

Yossi Arnheim (flute)
Yair Dalal (oud)
Amir Massarik (acoustic bass)
Chen Zimbalista (percussion)

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