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Saad Mahmoud Jawad

October 18, 2008

Melodies of a new age suspend time and take our breath away. Armed with an Oud, Saad Mahmoud Jawad has been crowned undisputedly a master of the Arabic lute. Combining creativity, agility and interaction with the public, each of his performances is unique and each of his melodies is well received. This year, he is the guest of the AWF, as part of the “Sacred Oud” series, organized in partnership with Gesù, Creativity Centre.
Named “Best Oud player in Iraq” in 2000 and “The Knight of The Oud” in 2001 by the Iraqi Cultural Council, Saad Jawad Mahmoud is not only energetic and captivating on stage, but he is best known for his teaching qualities. Rumor has it that his courses are as exceptional as his impassioned performances.
Mahmoud Saad Jawad was born in Iraq. He obtained a diploma from the National Conservatory of Music of Baghdad after studying with the masters of Iraqi Oud, such as, Mounir Bachir, Muataz Mohamed Saleh, Salem Abdelkader and others.
Jawad has participated in many international festivals. He keeps enriching his musical experiences, especially with the creation of his latest work entitled “Dialogue of Cultures”.
The musician with “fingers of gold,” as described by the Arabic press, will create an ardent space where the audience lives the experience with the artist who will demonstrate, once again, the breadth of his talent.
Saad Jawad Mahmoud belongs to the descendants of the great Iraqi lute players, Jamil Bachir, Mounir Bachir and Nassir Shamma.


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