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Cuatro Con Cuatro by Karim Baggili Quartet

October 18, 2008

Born in Belgium in 1976 with Jordanian and Yugoslavian origins, Karim Baggili is a young composer, self-taught guitarist and oud player. He began playing the electric
guitar at the age of 16. At 20, he starts working the different techniques of the flamenco guitar and acquires an Arabic lute (oud) during one of his many trips to Jordan.

His first CD was released in 2002, and he takes part in many CD recordings. He composes the music of several documentaries and one short film.
He plays in several groups, like Traces, Dazibao and Turdus Philomelos. He also plays with jazz pianist Nathalie Loriers and takes part on stage and in studio with the English singer Melanie Gabriel.
Today, he performs with three exceptional musicians in his new band, Karim Baggili Quartet. His group was born while meeting musicians of different horizons. Every instrument brought a new dimension and stamp to the existing pieces. The cello strengthens the rhythmic aspect of the flamenco and brings sweetness to its lyrical side. The flute brings the sound of the jazz flamenco already used by numerous groups in Spain. As for the different percussions (cajon, darbouka, maracas, banked, etc.), they offer a rich palette in tones and South American rhythms. The compositions created since then are thought out and written specifically for these new optics. Although a new group, they hold promise for a very bright future. —Courtesy Calabash Music


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