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Mystical Garden by Omar Faruk Tekbilek

October 20, 2008

Omar Faruk Tekbilek continues to delight Western listeners with a vast array of Middle Eastern musical traditions. As the follow up to his debut solo recording Whirling, Mystical Garden combines Faruk’s musical mastery, composition and mystical influences creating a soulful and emotional musical journey. Mystical Garden (and the self-titled track) is a variation on a theme. It is the reflection of Faruk’s inspiration by “the unity of the Mystical life. The garden is an island surrounded by the ocean of sincerity. Everyone with their sincere hearts chanting God’s name in their language. In essence, we are the flowers owned by the one and only Gardener.” Mystical Garden places more emphasis on Faruk’s writing, featuring five original tracks. And there is a greater emphasis on the stellar musicianship of the players.. “Egyptian Dance” demonstrates traditional Egyptian motives, with variations on the rhythm and the scales. “Hu Allah” continues to tell Faruk’s story in the garden, with his soulful voice over a bed of chanting, nature sounds, and orchestration, along with oud, ney, and bendir. As the last track, this piece leaves the listener in a peaceful trance. To compare Faruk to Western musicians, it would be as if one musician was a master of the drums, percussion, guitar, flute, recorder, oboe, and more.. ~



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One Truth by Omar Faruk Tekbilek

October 20, 2008

Omar Faruk Tekbilek’s One Truth continues his exploration of the mystical sounds of Sufism, blending Middle Eastern instruments like the ney flute and modern electronic textures into intense, intricate works. The album’s songs of devotion showcase Tekbilek’s technical skill as well as his intuitive understanding of this passionate and spiritual music.

Bob Olhsson
Omar Faruk Tekbilek
Percussion, Bongos, Drums, Keyboards, Oud, Baglama, Drums (Snare),
Shaker, Rama, Jura, Jara, Def, Bandir, Bendir, Kaval, Djembe,
Main Performer, Ney, Darbouka, Bells, Cymbals, Tambourine.

Kevan Torfeh: Cello
Azam Ali: Vocals (Background)
Randall Crafton: Voices, Shaker, Voiceover, Engineer
Mon Agranet: Mixing
Randy Crafton: Vocals, Shaker, Voices
Jeremy Hulette: Design
Yuval Ron: Guitar, Piano, Arranger, Keyboards, Guitar (Classical), Producer
Roberto Cani: Violin, Vocals

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