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Rhapsody for Lute by Yousra Dhahbi

October 18, 2008

Tunisia’s Yousra Dhahbi is certainly one of the most talented female ‘oud players of all time, and definitely deserves more international attention. Inshallah, this CD will give her the recognition she deserves beyond the Arabic-speaking world. Without anything other than her ‘oud, Yousra Dhahbi performs her compositions themed around particular moods – hanan (mercy), farha (joy), rouhaniyet (meditation), etc. Both austere and true to Arabic tradition, Dhahbi creates nothing less than pure, raw emotion through her compositions. If you are looking for PURE ‘oud playing, unaccompanied by any other instruments and unaltered by effect happy remixers, THIS album is an absolute must for your collection. A shining gem of modern Arabic tradition.


from SkaFunkRastaPunk