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Kabila by Marwan Abado

October 17, 2008

Marwan Abado was born as a Palestinian refugee in Beirut, Lebanon in 1967. As a child from Christian Palestinians he experiences already as child the fate of living the diaspora. 1985 Abado moved to Austria to continue his studies with the Irakian Oud-virtuoso Asim Chalabi. In Vienna he finds a new home as musician, singer, composer and poet. Abado´s instrument, the oud (the oriental, short-necked lute), is for the arabian music nearly of the same importance as the piano in the Western culture. Abado’s music has its roots in the classical Arabic music tradition of the TAQ´SIM, which is not restricted to particular rhythms, but which springs from the inner impulses of the musician. On the one hand Abado´s melodies and musical concepts take their power from the deep relatedness to his roots. He is conscious about the rich Arabic tradition which he is “musically living” not only quoting. Otherwise Abado easily steps across the border between orient and occident by seeking the confrontation with European traditions and musicians. This results in Abados specific sound: cosmopolitan, borderless music. Contemporary poetry and prose often provide the inspiration for Abado’s lyrics; thought-provoking commentary on the political realities of the Palestinians is interwoven through his texts. Since April 2000 he builds a Duo with Peter Rosmanith. Apart from this his artistic work with musicians like Otto Lechner, Timna Brauer, Roland Neuwirth, Allegre Corrêa, Krzystof Dobrek, Aliosha Biz, Franz Hautzinger and many other Austrian and international musicians and poets show his artistic openess. Since 1987 Marwan Abado travels from concert to concert in Europe, Algeria, Tunesia, Marokko, Palestine, of course the Libanon, but also in Cuba and the USA. His work is much more than a pure concert. His creative output includes also film and theatre music as well as concepts for cultural institutions and lectures about arabian music.

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