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Classical Arab Music and Chant Profane and Sacred by The Al-Kindî Ensemble

October 16, 2008

Classical Arab Music and Chant Profane and Sacred

The Al-Kindî Ensemble, founded in 1983 by the french virtuoso of Arab zither (qânûn) Julien Jâlal Eddine Weiss, resident in Aleppo (capital of northern Syria and a stopping place on the famous Silk Road) is currently rated among the best formations devoted to classical Arab music, owing to the musical qualities displayed by its performers, and to the high standard of its work, steeped in the various musical traditions of the near and middle East.

Takht Sharqi (traditional oriental ensemble), this is composed of a qânun (a table zither with pinched strings), an Ud (oriental lute), a Nay (reed flute) and a riqq (small tambourine with little cymbals).

Under Julien Weiss leadership, its interprets the classical Arab repertoire setting the instruments into sharp relief, thus re-establishing a balance which very often exclusively favoured the sung melody.

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