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Eastern Strings: The Art Of Arabian Oud Solos by Amer Ammouri

October 19, 2008


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Oud Mosaics by Amer Ammouri

October 18, 2008

The oud is the most soulful of Middle Eastern instruments.In Oud Mosaics, Amer Ammouri performs Egyptian, Iraqi, Lebanese and Syrian favourites.
Amer Ammouri lives in Aleppo, Syria; he performs regularly with famous Syrian singers such as Sabah Fakhri and Shadi Jamil. He is the lead oud player for the Salatin Al Tarab,an ensemble that performs the Muwashahat and Qudud Halabiyya styles of Syrian Folklore.Oud Mosaics Amer Ammouri Syria’s Top Oudist Arabian


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