Malak by Dhafer Youssef

Tunesian-born Dhafer Youssef started singing in the Islamic tradition at age 5. His music is rooted in the Sufi tradition and other streams of mystical sounds but has always been wide open to other musical cultures including jazz. With his deeply affecting vocal style, a variable approach on the oud (the Arabic lute) and complex Arab-colored compositions, Dhafer Youssef is among today’s shooting stars in this crossover field.
His 1999 release Malak was an immediate success that cast its spell even over the critics (Stereoplay: CD of the month, Fono Forum: 5 stars). Swiss Peter Rüedi wrote: “In all registers, especially the high ones, this man is incredible. His expressivity blows away all possible reservations… He is a composer of distinction and great breadth of expression ranging from clinking dissonances to real hit tunes – simple but not kitschy, lyrical, expressive, intense and thoughtful.” – from Youssef’s website

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