Taqsim Oud by Samir Tahar

Samir Tahar was born in 1940 in Mostaganem, a Western Algerian town on the Mediterranean. He came from a family of musicians, and attended the El-Masrah Essaidia school of music, where he was taught the rudiments of traditional Arabo-Andalusian singing and how to play the oud. He then went on to study music at the Institute of Arab Folk Music in Oran, where he was introduced to the art of taqasim. He has played the oud at music festivals in the Arab World and Europe, and given a number of lectures.

Another CD in the ‘Les Virtuoses’ series from Club du Disque Arabe featuring Samir Tahar. The virtousity of the Algerian oud master is again displayed in this second collection of taqasim. This is an essential CD for Arab-style oud enthusiasts.


from SkaFunkRastaPunk

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