Masters of Turkish Music:The Ud

Osman Nuri Özpekel says in his notes: In this work, some of the choicest performances of four ut virtuosos, all of whom are no longer with us, have been brought together in one collection. In selecting the recordings, emphasis was given to recordings of pieces, or variations of them, that had not yet been published by other companies. The first disc begins with three players with the title of ‘virtuoso’: Ûdi Nevres Bey, S,eref Muhiddin Targan and Yorgo Bacanos. It finishes with master performers Fahri Kopuz and M?s?rl? [‘the Egyptian’] I.brahim Efendi. The second disc is devoted to various performances, with their taksims, of the esteemed udists Sedat Öztoprak, Ûdi Nes,’et Bey, I.brahim Ziya Bey, S,erif I.çli, Ûdi Hrant, Kadri S,ençalar, Cahit Gözkân and Cinuçen Tanr?korur. The performances presented are in the taksim and saz semâisi forms. We greatly regret that we could not come across any recordings of certain Ud virtuosos such as S,âkir Pas,a, Basri Bey, S,ekerci Cemil Bey, Ali R?fat Çag(atay and Refik Talât Alpman. Who knows, perhaps one day performances of theirs will be found in the dusty archives of our music history and brought out to be heard. It is our desire that these performers, though they have passed on, will be remembered by their echoes remaining in this world. May they rest in peace.

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from SkaFunkRastaPunk

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