Jazz Sounds of Africa by Ahmed Abdul-Malik

Revolutionary work from one of the most important talents you never heard of! Ahmed Abdul-Malik’s greatest claim to fame was his work as Thelonious Monk’s bassist at the end of the 50s, but his records on his own stretch far far past Monk’s own modernism — which is really saying a lot! Abdul-Malik’s musical interests stretched far beyond the New York scene of which he was a part — into the rich musical traditions of Africa, the Caribbean, and the Middle East — the last of which was especially important, as Abdul-Malik mastered the Oud, a strange Turkish stringed instrument, rarely used in jazz! This CD presents 2 of Ahmed’s greatest albums — the records The Music Of Ahmed Abdul-Malik and Sounds of Africa — both of which were issued by Prestige in the early 60s, and are as rare as hen’s teeth. The albums show Abdul-Malik working in a really unique territory — one that crosses modern jazz, African rhythms, and Eastern melodic improvisation — almost in the “jazz exotic” territory of Yusef Lateef, but done with a much more revolutionary vision. Instrumentation is a rich blend of percussion, bass, cello, Oud, alto, tenor, trumpet, and other exotic instruments — and titles include “Wakida Hena”, “La Ibkey”, “Oud Blues”, “The Hustlers”, “Nights On Saturn”, “Suffering”, and “African Bossa Nova”.


from SkaFunkRastaPunk

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