Deus Et Diabolus by Al Andaluz Project

Al Andaluz Project is a fascinating collaboration between Spanish world & traditional folk group, L’Ham de Foc and German medieval music ensemble, Estampie – that has already received high praise in the European press. Their album “Deus Et Diabolus” focuses on the musical landscape of Moorish medieval Spain – when Christian, Muslim and Sephardic-Jewish peoples were successfully interacting – with tolerance, scholarship, the arts, trade and prosperity all flourishing in a multi-cultural society. There is a breathtaking richness of virtuosity and instrumentation including oud, saz, fiddle, organistrum, zanfona, hurdy-gurdy, nyckelharp, rabab, qanun, etc & assorted percussion. played by virtuoso musicians Efren López, Michael Popp, Ernst Schwindl, Aziz Samsaoui, Sascha Gotowtschikow and Diego López – as well as the three exceptional vocalists : Sigrid Hausen, Mara Aranda and Iman al Kandoussi.

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from PassionateMusic

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