Satie En Orient by Ensemble Sarband

The group’s name SARBAND stems from Persian and Arabic, and denotes to an improvised coupling of two parts within a musical suite. Vladimir Ivanoff founded Ensemble SARBAND in 1986 and has been pursuing an archaeology of complex connections ever since: Above all, SARBAND endeavours to show all possible connections between European music, Islamic and Jewish music-culture. Both sensitively and intensely SARBAND celebrates the symbiotic relationship between the Orient and the Occident.

The continuous musical collaboration within the Ensemble ensures that a dialogue on equal terms is maintained. It is the exchange of practical musical experience between musicians from different cultures that make the performances of SARBAND gripping, lively and utmost authentic.

Ensemble Sarband Musicians: Ahmet kadri Rizeli : Kementche (oriental Viele) & Percussions Ihsan mehmet özer : Qanoun (oriental Sitard) & Percussions Mehmet Cemal Yesilçay : Oud (Oriental Luth) & Percussions Axel Weidenfeld : Lute Ian Harrison : Cornetto, Chalumeau & Vocals Miriam Andersen : Vocals & Gothic Harp Fadia El-Hage : Vocals Production, percussions & Lute by Vladimir Ivanoff .


from FolkMusicSMB

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