Munir Bashir & The Iraqi Traditional Music Group

The great oud master Munir Bashir founded the Iraqi Traditional Music Ensemble in 1981 to help preserve the Iraqi and Arab musical heritage. The band contained some of the best Iraqi musicians, all experienced instrumentalists on traditional Iraqi and Arab instruments. It was composed like an Arab orchestra, with some forty musicians in all; groups of five musicians played the same instrument, but for the oud there were ten, with the celebrated Munir Bashir leading the section. The Iraqi group was idolized by the public. It played an important role in taking Iraqi music outside the national boundaries to an international level, and came to represent a special style in the field of instrumental music. It set an example for the coming generations who benefited from its experience; one notable successor is the Bayareq Band. Much of this fame was due to the great master Munir Bashir, who left an indelible imprint on the history of Iraqi music. On this CD, the common thread linking music from all the regions of Iraq is demonstrated with passion and the utmost virtuosity


from FolkMusicSMB

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