Al Andalous by Omar Bashir

An incredible talent, raised in a family of artists – his grandfather Bachri Abdel Aziz, his father Mounir Bashir and his uncle Jamil were musicians – he began his musical training when he was five years old, when his father gave him his first violin. When he was seven years old, he already frequented the Conservatory of Bagdad and when he was nine he gave his first solo concert. Moving to Hungary in 1991, the homeland of his mother, he studied piano, singing and direction of choir at the Liszt University. Since 1990 Omar Bashir has been playing the oud as a professional. Apart from solo tours he has realized a lot of concerts with his father Mounir, who’s great virtuosity represented a constant stimulus for the young artist (he died in 1997).

This excellent album features Omar Bashir on oud together with Turo Andras and Balint Petz on Spanish guitar. The interplay between the two instruments is very effective, and the CD even includes a piece written by Jamil Bashir called “My Favourite Dance”.


from WeLoveMusic

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