Majaz by Le Trio Joubran

For their second outing, the fraternal group Le Trio Joubran have looked at what worked last time and done it with greater intensity, as well as bringing a few new elements into the mix. The core idea — all ouds, all the time — remains the same, but when they come out of the blocks with “Masâr,” a track based around a simple riff that just builds and builds in invention and intensity, it’s apparent that they’ve learned a few tricks since their last disc. The compositions are very good, all originals apart from the traditional “Min Zamân,” and show that the three brothers are rapidly maturing, not only as performers, but also composers. Just how far they’ve come as players is revealed on their solo cuts, which give each one of them a chance to improvise, and showcase spirits from the fiery to the introspective. What seemed cute the first time out — the brothers from Palestine all playing ouds — has become a very vital group

from All Music Guide

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