Welcome to Music of The Oud

This is a blog dealing with primarily Oud music.

I wanted to have a place where Oud enthusiasts could come to find music relating, in some fashion, to the Oud . Most of these files originated elsewhere on the web. I am merely trying to list Oud related items in one forum. I will post links to the sites where I originally found the files.MANY GREAT THANKS goes to the original uploaders, especially AmbroseBierce, for uploading these hard to find releases. Some blogs may be culled from more than others and some, even, rather exclusively. There are MANY INCREDIBLE blogs out there and I encourage everyone to check them out thoroughly, chances are you will get turned onto some great music. Again, though, the main focus of this blog is Oud so I try and limit it to that, although I may sometimes color outside the lines. All of these recordings will not be Oud purist recordings, in some cases, if there is an Oud in the recording somewhere it qualifies for the blog.

In some cases Passwords are needed to unlock the files and list those accordingly when needed.

I hope that you enjoy this Oud source and please leave comments and let me know if there are things that you are searching for or if there are dead links. I do try and check all the links but sometimes Links will go dead.



3 Responses to “Welcome to Music of The Oud”

  1. Roland Says:

    GReat blog here! Keep up the good work!

  2. SAMUEL Says:

    Check this one :

  3. GatoMedio Says:

    Hello, I have just discovered your blog and I’ll probably be spending a lot of time here over the weeks to come.
    I have a few ROIOs (Recordings of Independend Origin) by Rabih Abou-Khalil and Anouar Brahem, that would very nicely fit into your blog. I have already left a comment against the last entry in the RAK discography, but I realize that this isn’t the right place, because it would only be visible to those who look at that last entry. I also noticed that, after two days, my comment is still waiting for approval.
    Please let me know how I can contribute to your blog and add my recordings to your artists’ lists.

    Keep up the good work.

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